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In the early morning, the water glasses and windows placed beside the bed refract the light on the pure white sheets,

Enjoy the sheer and sheer scent of cotton and linen sheets.
Take out the freshly washed quilt, hang it in the sun to warm up, and the aldehyde-scented floral softener is exposed to a happy temperature.

Soft musk and sandalwood add a sense of clean security this morning,
The scent of white soap blends with the scent of flowers to balance out the lazy soft aroma.

Adjust your pace and rhythm, bury your head in the pillow and take a deep breath.

Good morning. It's going to be a great day.


Good morning. Wake up and stretch out to the ever-nostalgic powdery scent of freshly washed linens, with a cup of loving floral notes. Drink a glass of water, under the refracted beam through your window, feel the soft sheets on your skin.


With a hint of floral aldehyde, the reassuring flowery and pillowy scent lures you back to the cool clouds of linen pillows. Roll around in your bedssheets and curl up. Poised calmness and a relaxed pace, all is well when we ready you for any kind of morning. It's time to begin one day. 

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