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On a picnic day by the lake in Nanfa, I parked my RV and went fishing by the short bridge.

The sky is getting blue and late, sitting on the grass under the tree,

Dry grass stained with moisture near Short Dock, Moonrise Kingdom.


The sky is blue, and gin is poured from the silver flagon under the moon.

In the fresh and bright twilight, the poured alcohol evaporates,

The smell of campfire and wood is intertwined, and the air by the French lake is smudged with clear and transparent spicy.

Take a seat, we're on a picnic in southern France. Place one hand on the subtle and soft cloth that allows the scent of grass beneath it to permeate. Hold your other hand out and steer the blue hue sky that blankets the evening.

Here, have a glass of gin as dry as cedarwood and allow its volatile scent to grip onto the woods as you inhale the moisture of the tranquil lake in front of you. Live, laugh, and learn. Cherish your moments with friends and immortalize them with Blue Moon.

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