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A sunset camping trip in Africa at dusk, wearing boots and stepping on the grass, passing the fresh scent of bergamot and lemon.


Berries and middle notes are mixed with pine wood, and the woody fragrance has some spicy notes, interpreting the feeling of wild grassland.

Mellow and thick amber and sandalwood blend with the sweetness of vanilla, like a land flowing with milk and honey, feel the temperature brought by the magnificent sunset reflecting on the vast land.


Looking directly at the size of the world and the insignificance of people under the setting sun, the warm sunset depicts the color of the soul.


Do you believe in the color of the soul? Inspired by an African sunset, Soul dyes your scent with an eventide orange fragrance containing pine and pepper that vibrates through your being. 


Shower yourself with the sweetness of bergamot, juniper berry and lemon and let the thick consistency of amber, sandalwood and vanilla drench you. Bask in the finality of the brilliant African dusk. Let it sink through your skin and dye your soul. Feel the warmth .

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