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Seoul in winter, watching the snow scene in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass, the white snow of Seoul
Slowly falling to the ground. The streets outside the cafe are crowded with people, the world is like a
Transparent big fish tank.

The hot cocoa in the white pottery cup warmed Xuehong's nose and turned into a cloud of quiet mist.
The aroma of coffee in the room is mixed with the sweetness of chocolate, and the only sound in the space is the sound of the automatic coffee machine running. The world is very noisy, but here is very quiet, with the sound of snow falling.

It's so cold out, honey, why don't you sit down with me and have a cup of chocolate.

Off-white snowy day, take a sip of hot cocoa in front 
of clear shielded glass. Gentle blizzard landing, baby
it's cold outside.
Enjoy the peace inside the cafe and watch the silent
hustles outside. People swim through, the world is 
like a giant aquarium.

Chocolate embodied in your thick white cup, the
steam mixes with aroma of coffee across the space.
There's barely just sound of a coffee machine 
running, almost as if you could hear the snow fall on the white


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