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The quiet night is filled with the fragrance of red flowers. When the windows of the tall buildings are opened, the wind gradually blends with the candlelight. Sit on the table in front of the window, put a rose, return to the original nature, and open a book.


Put on a nightgown to feel the breeze of summer night, light a candle when it is quiet, and the breath of roses is overflowing.

The petals are scattered on the blue velvet, and the rose bath and the humidity of the wind burn, exuding a dark and warm aroma of red.


Who said that self-admiration is not a kind of leisure?

In every solitary space late at night, you can enjoy the quiet beauty of everything resting after twelve o'clock, and let the room open into a secret garden.

Blue velvet night, the white satin moon. Light up the rose-red petals to candle up the cool-toned night, let the everlasting sensual aroma linger through the night.


The silver light beams through the window and shines on the sapphire velvet dining table, with red roses in vase dripping the dew of condensed shivering moonlight. Warmth of roses and wine in ruby color soothes the chill of a silent midnight.


Lay the crimson petals on your silver plate. Let the lingering floral passion penetrate through the fine hair of blue warming velvet. Breathe in the love and passion, enjoy the silver-blue solitude with intense warmth in it.

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