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At the beginning of the day, leave the vision blank;

Follow the sense of smell to experience the purest feeling and imagination.

Breathe in and feel the stories we write through the smell,

Store the scenery of life as a three-dimensional memory.


Spray 𣊬 time to open a door of memory for you,

Beauty that can be felt without eyes,

Awaken the vividness of someone, a place, a day.


Each bottle of fragrance is handcrafted and packaged by us.

Letting go of the complicated and choosing the simple, I hope to bring you a sense of peace.

In the hustle and bustle, you can feel the warmth and whiteness of a handmade piece.


Right now, we want to share a story, and we want to hear yours too.

Our senses string us through life and experience stories with us. 


We want to bottle time.

Similar to a museum, our perfume bottles are display rooms of memories.


Spray the bottle, open the door, and let it rain.

Bathe in a feeling and time, an environment we preserved with scent.


Scent is a form of beauty not to be seen with eyes - so are the real things in life. 


Fragrance is a colorless paint. It paints a picture of scenery and feeling in life - a mood you can wear.


With each bottle handcrafted and packaged with goodwill, we aspire to offer you an off-white simplicity, a quiet headspace to experience serenity and beauty. 


Pop a bottle, relive a memory, and share it with someone else one day at a time, and don't forget to breathe. 


This is our story. What is yours? 

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