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The fresh scent of candles during the day will turn the room into your jungle green scene.

Move the space into nature and move out a sofa in the middle of the garden.


Turn your chair into a swing and your cables into vines.

Let green leaves spread over your walls, and grass blades for your bedding.

The green scene of Eden, the lettuce wet with dew, the breath of plants is full of breath, and you are in the lawn.


The shower rises to wash your mind and body.


Daytime candle of clarity, care to turn the space into your Garden of Eden?


Feel the room turn into walls of green dewy vines. Relish in the grass-scented air and let the aroma soak into your chair. Drift into a shiatsu-istic tension release and feel your back lay onto the fresh botanic embrace of a garden._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Feel the swinging sensation as the minty distilled air rejuvenates and replenishes your surroundings into its natural state.

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