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Step into this pure white space and experience the purity of less than ten raw materials:

The herbaceous freshness of white tulips and green leaves is combined with a light woody and earthy base note.


A potted plant is placed in a quiet space; after closing the door, you can get rid of the complexity of the outside world; the simplicity of the senses brings you linear calm.


Put on a new white dress: the smell of green leaves, the steady scent of white flowers, from one to the end.

Open the gate to this off-white room--with a pot of tulip placed in the corner. Experience purity in the clean scent of floral white and wooded green: blended with the green notes, earthy soil, and elegant aroma of tulips.


Forget about worldly complexities and come home with us; sit down, make a little nail cut on the leaf and zen. Crafted with less than 10 ingredients, we want to offer you sheer simplicity. Breathe in, breathe out, and immerse in the steady consistency. Feel the calmness, embody peace--stay with us for the day. 

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