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Wake up to the original citrus notes of Southern Italy:


The Sicilian morning light reveals the freshness of lemon, grapefruit and petitgrain,

The dried fruit peels by the window intertwine with the salty moisture of the coast, evaporating an astringent aftertaste.


On a soft afternoon in the sun, pick a white flower of the bitter orange tree and put it in my hair,

Breathing the balance between sweetness and astringency, cycling around the empty square.


At the end of the day, walking among the sound of sand, the calmness of vetiver and musk adds a long aftertaste to the quiet coast.

Begin your sicilian morning with primal southern italian citrus notes.


Wake up alongside the scent of sunbathed peels by your bed; feel the evaporated moisture weaved into the breeze from salted shore.


In the soft-lighted afternoon: tip your toes. Pick an orange flower from the tree, put it in strands of your hair. Breathe in the balance between clear blossom and spice, and go on a bike ride on the plaza.


At the end of the day, walk along the sound of washed sand. The calm grounded tone brushes the neverending coastline of sicily, the earthy note sets your scroll in sicily for today.

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