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At dawn, the seaside is dark blue breaking through the morning light - the air is full of old wood, soap and powdery flowers.


The wooden house near the shore steps towards the balcony, the junction of night and day at dawn,

After bathing with thick soap, dark brown footprints were printed on the wooden floor after coming out of the bathroom, leading one by one to the balcony facing the sea.


Breathing the residual fragrance of the body and the wood tone and powdery floral fragrance of the environment, the light yellow light among the clouds cuts through the silence and awakens the earth.


Dawn sounds like its smell. Do you hear the faint sound of waves crashing? Can you hear the chirps of sea birds flying over the sea? 


Dawn looks like its smell. Do you see the faint sunlight penetrate through the translucent curtains? Open them and see the sunrise on the horizon. 


Dawn feels like its smell. Go on. Take a step with your bare feet and feel the wooden floor creak as you walk to the balcony that towers over the shore. Everything you see belongs to you. See the silver lining?  

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