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Experience the elegant love: strong, romantic and cold elegance.

The wine glasses and white table paper on the red velvet table leave lip prints, and the sweet orange fragrance and jasmine leave a vivid first impression.

The guitar sounded, and the dancers wore red dresses and white shoes to tango on the dance floor; the roses and magnolias on the floor exuded a strong but unobtrusive aroma. The red and white petals swirl and dizzy, presenting a soft and intoxicating romance.
Low-key cedar wood tone and musk - both exude a silent and seductive aroma, elegant and long, like a touch of white moonlight.
The classic fragrance defines the eternity of a moment, like the wind blowing when a lover turns around.

Take a whiff-- Let it take you back to a classic time of solemn love.

Hard to miss the sharp entrancing notes of sambac jasmine and bitter orange, dine at a table with velvet cover, leave an impression with a kiss mark on the wine glass and napkin. 


When the guitar starts to play, march to the dance floor with red and white petals on. Tango and spiral in the spins, feel the daze from the glass of wine or anticipation. Underlying unspoken tension, the scent of cedar and musk subtly lingers with depth and warmth. 

What is amour? It is the scent of the wind that whirls up when your darling turns around

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