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D-1: The beginning of a relationship is always transparent and colorful, with a fresh and innocent fruity aroma, sweet and sour, as happy as a glass of fruit punch.


D-50: Jasmine and roses are blooming all over the sky, indulging in the romance of the bouquet. Please treat lovers with care like kneading petals, and breathe the softness of love.


D-100: Open the door and see him sitting on the sofa waiting for you with a lit candle. For a hundred days, love becomes a continuous peace and the taste of home.


Sprinkling every moment and skin temperature reflects the gradual change of love.

Day 1: Starting fresh? Drench in the fruity innocence of peach, apple and lemon. Impeccably sweet, and mildly sour. While romance is budding, love is like a happy fruit punch.


Day 50: Time to get some flowers. Get floral and sensual with jasmine notes, and while love blossoms, shall we dance on the rose petals? Love delicately.


Day 100: Come home to your couch. Someone is waiting for you. Resembling the warm calming notes, love starts to feel like a grounding tone of cedarwood, the homey comfort. 


Put a hundred days worth of love in your pocket.

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