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In Jeju at the end of spring, I jumped off the bus and walked to the beach;

The mountains paint a soft landscape of light green grasslands and orange.
The car scenery outside the window passes by patches of green tea fields,

The sea breeze blows across the earth and brings the fragrance of grapefruit that can be seen everywhere.

The coast is right next to the low railings, and the windmills in the distance are turning, and there are layers of waves, wind and grass.

Refreshing citrus notes combined with green tea aroma become the theme of the picnic,

Peel the grapefruit and make a warm cup of tea;
Come to the transparent, clear and blue sea, warm your astringent hands, and watch the waves wash the stones on the shore.


A sweep of wind through the green tea field, get off the bus and smell the window scenery. Follow the sound of windmill grinding, seashore crashing and grass waving. You've come to the seaside to greenish scenery, and let the scent of citrus and tea be the theme of a Jeju seaside picnic. 


Unzip your backpack, peel the yuzu and make yourself a warm fresh green tea. Feel the dryness of your hand and brace yourself from the spring shore wind. As you breathe in and out of the spring freshness, watch the blue clear waves wash the rocks on the Jeju shore.

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