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A simple and generous gentleman's fragrance, combined with fresh, refreshing, soft and steady fragrance.

Wash your face and wash your face, put on an aftershave cologne, and the crisp citrus and thyme are like a ray of sunshine marking the beginning of the day;

Put on a straight white shirt, tidy up the creases of the collar, lavender, jasmine and orange blossom to create a calm and elegant look;

Wear it with a pair of leather shoes, and the woods and musk base lends a dependable weight.

Gentleness and poise - a gentleman's combination.


Commence your day clean, fresh and confident with a cologne that swaggers in the air. Strike a perfect balance between serenity, freshness and spice. 

With a soft and calming earthy undertone, the lavish scent of lavender wraps around the fresh notes of citrus to freshen your day up. Devour soft sunlight in a bottle, Let the razorsharp ginger reverberate an aura fitting for you. Reliable and calming, fresh and clean, pungent and assertive. 

Brush, rinse, shave; put on an aftershave cologne, put on a white shirt. 

It's said that clothes maketh the man. But Gentle completes him. That's the code.

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