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Experience the green atmosphere of wood tone and herbal plants: the moist aroma between trees and moss takes you to the forest every step of the way.

The lush green leaves transition to the warmth and tranquility of thyme, lavender and cypress, and the moisture of the grass gradually blends with the elegant woody aroma, just like walking slowly into the forest from a well-lit suspension bridge, soothing the soul.


The patchouli aroma imparts depth and concentration to the cedar and sandalwood, just like the enchanting green in the depths of the forest, and the smell of tree soil and moisture permeates the air. Accept the washing of nature and enjoy a quiet trip to the woods.

Indulge in the rainforest's greenish aura: take a treewalk down the path of moist dark green notes in the woods, and begin a mossy aromatic journey in 50 shades of green.


Welcome yourself into the wild with a fresh lively scent of crushed grass, followed by the herbal floral scent emitted from thyme and lavender. With a dark intense undertone of patchouli along with the woods, the earthy scent of wet soil will expose you to the depth of a forest.


The momentary connection with nature will last forever.

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