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Northeast Germany, the kerosene street lamps in Berlin, the air seems to have the smell of history.
With a heavy past and a safe present, people are walking up and down the streets.

In the gray history, people follow the steps; in the colorful city walls, people are unrestrained. Fear of forgetting so we leave the city above ground, below ground we celebrate life and beauty with song and dance.

Only those who have endured suffering can create extremely brilliant and beautiful art,
Outside the walls, inside the wars, we are still alive now, and we still have a future. Paint the walls of Berlin and the city with life and love for life, free people dance life

Gloomy day in northeast Germany, aged city, 
routinely days. You can smell history in the air.
There's grace in its might told by the stories of old,
strength in its artifacts from cultures untold, a fallen 
wall that stands the test of time;The past is dead, 
but we are alive.

We fear oblivion and so we'll let the city above 
ground remember. We go underground for light and 
more. Paint the walls with passion for life and color
the city with creation and love. Free people dance.

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