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The story of Moses in the Netherlands is probably a canal divided from the sea of red flowers. Summer is still chilly,
Bring a few bottles of wine and have a picnic on the boat with your friends. Spread some sandwiches and herring with pickled onions,

Nicole asked Kelder for the gray blanket. We laughed and scolded.
Thin blankets cover the body and legs, drink eggnog and smoke in the breeze, and get drunk on the boat.
Cyclists pass the shore with no memory of the day in the landscape.

Stay warm in Amsterdam's brick-colored summer days.

A canal runs through it. Cruise through a field of 
flowers on a boat, across the water. Pop a few 
bottles in the brick-colored city, bring a few friends 
on a boat-picnic.
Nicole brought sandwiches, Jaime got some herrings, what did Kjeld bring? Put some gray blankets around ourselves and pour us a bottle of advocaat bols.

We talk, we smoke, we get boozy and cozy. 

Stay warm in the Amsterdam breeze.

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