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Ground soy, steamed glutinous rice and taro;

Scent and nuance of beans, grains and roots.

Soybeans strained and boiled into milk, the aroma of steamed rice

and taro rising in the air. Flour and dough kneaded into taro balls,

rolled hearty in bowls. The gourmand sweetness enters the Taipei morning, moves into mid-day alleys and into the night. 


Through rusted concrete and its rigid colors, the aged scent remains in the wooden builds between cool-toned concrete lofts. The rootyness stains the narrow alleys between the low-rises downtown, brushing through the gates

and chairs, kitchens and windows. 


The rice lingers and weaves into the background,

meeting the underlying tone.The scene of old temples by the night markets.

The intimate human touch of town.


The warmth of the software that runs between the solidity and old, in the air and things that flow. 


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