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Step into the quiet Japanese-style courtyard among the quiet forest alleys of Taipei, and enjoy the sweetness of brown tea and wagashi for a day.White light shines through the paper window in front of the green court, sitting quietly and holding the cup to let the temperature of the white porcelain soak into the palm of your hand.


Hot water flows out of the traditional century-old wood, distilling the astringent aroma of dry tea.The aftertaste of the brown tea flowing in the mouth is clear, and the tea cakes on the wooden stand;

The store manager brought a plate of desserts and honey cakes, rice flavors, sweet beans and honey flavors, pastries on ceramic plates.


In the afternoon, oolong tea and a small portion of sweetness.


Between the trees, scent of tea and beans waves in from the quiet japanese courtyard in a tranquil Taipei alley.


The sun beams through the papered window, under the aged wood flow of hot water brews dried tea leaf into stringency and earthy benevolence. The clear bitter brown twists an aftertaste in your mouth._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_5cf


The old man presents you plated japanese confectionery on ceramic, honeyed cake, sweet grounded rice and sugared beans thickens the air and washes the bitterness. 


Portioned sweetness and oolong sophistication, the afternoon delight.

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