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The flowers are in the early autumn, the jasmine is elegant, and the tea is flowing in the light white porcelain.


The tea embryos in spring and the volt flowers in midsummer make everything slow down in the river of time.The jasmine, which is closed during the day, opens at night to emit aroma, overlapping with green tea repeatedly, blending into one.

Pour the white pot into a white porcelain cup, wash with water, and drink tea. Blooming in jasmine water.


The aroma of Ganya rises, breathe the clear green steam, and taste the white jasmine.

The taste of tea is different every time, like time washing you. You are drinking the cycle of earth and water.


The summer flowers are brilliant, and the autumn leaves are quiet and beautiful. One hundred jasmine flowers bloom in three seasons, spring, summer and autumn, and turn into a cup. one day.

Early fall when jasmine falls. Stream of water slides into the white porcelain. The elegant flow of flowers concentrates time and slows time. 


As the tea washes the room with a green soft floral aroma, take a sip. In each wash you taste something different—the cycle of soil, a cycle of life, all dewy and fragrant.


Spring sprouts, late summer blooms. Flower that closes at day and opens at night, emits a gentle fragrance into the dried leaves.


Leaf and petals of 1OO flowers layer and become one. Three seasons as one. In one cup. On one day. 

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