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In autumn, the fallen leaves fall on the water,

The color of amber flowed from the jug, floating with flower crumbs.

Afternoon with friends, using the season and the moon as an excuse, is a good day for gatherings.The oolong is bright and yellow, the cinnamon cake is decorated with flowers, the cake is cut open,Silver osmanthus yellow flowers are fragrant and leisurely, perfect for tea.

The sun is fading away, the golden sunset dyes the sky, and it is getting colder. Add water and warm tea with friends, and wait for the moon to rise.

In the golden autumn, people are harmonious, the flowers and leaves are fragrant, the circle is the shape of the cup, and the yellow is the color of the moon.


The leaves land on water. Tea of amber color flows from the beak of the pot and scattered flowers float on the sound.


Seat your friends on a mat in the afternoon, let's gather in the name of festive rituals, and for the sake of the moon. The oolong is tinted of clear topaz, alongside the refreshing osmanthus cake and the delicatessens. Under the silver branches, we harvest the yellow flowers. 


When the sun fades and paints the evening gold, pour some new tea over the emerging breeze. Now drink to the tantalising scent of floral oolong, and wait for the moon to arise. 

Circle is the shape of the cup, yellow is the color of the moon. It's a date, mid-fall.

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