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A stick of incense ignites the smoke. The temple bell rings from afar,
People wearing sandals look at pieces of Japanese and cloth in the shopping street of Edo architecture.
The fabric glides over your fingertips to leave a cool touch.

Rice stalks and rushes interweave and stack mats, and sit down to complete the tea ceremony quietly.
Life is a ritual.

Breathe in the woody scent of the room and let peace cover you
The wave of everything. Walk slowly and you will hear the distant bell.

A stick of lit incense in Kyoto cabins, bells rang afar. 
People in wooden clogs looking at bolts of cloth in 
stores, sheets slide off your fingertips, smooth and

Be clothed, and start brewing. Let go of your burdens.
Tea drinking is a ceremony. Life is a ceremony. 
Rest your knees on tatami and take a moment of clarity, 
ceremonial rituals make moments in our temporal being.

Breathe. Smell the woods. Be overflown by peace. 
Pace yourself slowly, and you'll hear the distant sounds

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