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Green and red, neon or spice, Thailand is always summer.

The riverside night market at the wharf sells cheap snacks and hot soup, and the spoons from the boat river are poured on the freshly cutspice leaves. Tourists with sore necks hang their cameras on the avenue, and teenagers in undershirts follow the tails of their families.

The tingling of summer heat is relieved by the lime combing on the tongue, the short summer encounters and love affairs, the soft pants of exotic and colorful totems. There are countless tired footprints here, looking for an oriental journey in this paradise, or people who just pass here for rest or enjoyment.

The tingle of Thai spices and sparkling water will always be the smell of long summer.
Cut a small lime, let it refresh your body and mind, and come here to feel youthful.

Land of spice. Greens and reds and yellows lay open
on the cheap riverfront pier market, big spoons pour 
broth over freshly cut herbs.


Crowds on wide pavement with cameras on sore necks, teens on holiday with their families; 
lime soda, summer flings, exotic print pants. 

Weary souls get rested while roaming to find their orient dreams, refreshing pain of soda and spice be imprinted as flavors of eternal summer.
Pop the lime, let it sting. Sniff feel chill. 
While it's eversummer, feel like a teen again.

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