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After the spring rain, the green grass dissipates, drink a cup of warm scented tea by the window of the small bungalow; when it clears up in the afternoon, open the white wooden door and step into the English garden in the vestibule, bathed in the moist and fragrant fragrance of flowers. The orange leaves and flowers hanging on the lintel release acridity, and the oncoming water blends the powdery floral fragrance of rose and lilac.


The combination of flowers and rain takes you through the garden covered with purple, orange and red petals, let the water droplets on the grass wet your ankles, rotate to feel the soft wind, like a butterfly shuttling among the flowers. Lying on the slightly dry grass under the tree to read a book, the hose in the yard is sprinkled with water; let the beauty soak through your shirt, and take a floral bath.

At the beginning of the day, it is like a spring breeze.

Yearning for a little seasonal after-rain sweetness in spring? Leave your little cottage and british garden. Shower in the luxurious blend of moisture and powdery florality before you go.


Opening with neroli and petitgrain spice at your front steps, welcome the aquatic air with a rich sweet floral blend of roses and lilac. Bathe in the garden and let it wash through your hair. The base note of clean musk adds a dense hint of unforgettableness in it. Soak yourself in the rose-purple petal spa: a spring breeze.

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